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Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
I would be so focused on my family and their immediate health that I wouldn't even concern myself with him as long as he was still in the car. If he tried to get out and run away I would slam his ass into the ground and hold him until the cops came, but if he didn't move then he wouldn't get a second look from me. If I have enough cognitive function to scan the area and determine that he is a drunk, then my brain is working enough to know I need to help my family. Family safety = priority #1.
This --


After the fact - next day - next week - next year -

You don't go kill the driver because - you going to jail is not going to help your family (the living or dead - but mainly thinking of the living).

Any man - father - husband - worth $.01 would rather be around to help his wife and kids cope with the loss - not be away serving X years in prison.
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