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Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
Anyone in the group please answer this: You get t-boned going through a green light at an intersection. One or more members of your family are seriously or fatally injured while you are unscathed. You see the driver that hit you slurring his words and moaning over his steering wheel, reeking of Vodka whose bottle remains you see shattered over the driver and the front seats.

Looking at your dead and injured family members in your car, do you guys feel you are justified to immediately shoot the driver the hit you?

Honest answers please.
I would be so focused on my family and their immediate health that I wouldn't even concern myself with him as long as he was still in the car. If he tried to get out and run away I would slam his ass into the ground and hold him until the cops came, but if he didn't move then he wouldn't get a second look from me. If I have enough cognitive function to scan the area and determine that he is a drunk, then my brain is working enough to know I need to help my family. Family safety = priority #1.
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