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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Main thing is to avoid the SWC. Its hit or miss with people.
I have been using the S&S Casting 200 gr LSWC loaded to 1.250" OAL in my Gen 3 G21SF and it works fine with the factory barrel. It also works in my Colts, Sig 1911 and Sig P220.

I came down on the aftermarket side of the "shoot lead in Glock barrels" debate so I am now using a KKM barrel with the same bullet.

I think the trick is to have just a few thousandths of the lead driving band exposed at the case mouth - it's hard to measure accurately but I come up with somewhere around 0.020".

Having a bit of lead exposed makes a sort of soft ramp for the ejecting case to ride on and helps, in my opinion, to prevent stovepipes.

But, yes, try a few before ordering multiple thousands. That the bullet is 100% reliable for me is no guarantee that it will work in any other gun. But it is 100% reliable...

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