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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
With the exception that DWI homocide is treated as less than a manslaughter in most cases. It should be treated as first degree murder. Why? The person made a concious, premediated decision to become intoxicated and then take a 5 ton weapon and not care if they killed peoplw with it. Which they clearly did.

I have no sympathy for the dead drunk driver. Not even a little.
5 tons? Was the drunk in the cab of a big rig?

On a serious not though this who situation is full of fail. If he waled to his nearby home to retrieve a gun, I can understand due to the close proximity why they tried to push the vehicle rather than calling for a tow truck. However, at nearly midnight is not the time to be pushing a vehicle on a roadway. They should have left it on the shoulder, all walked home, and dealt with it in the morning.

The drunk on the other hand should have never been intoxicated in the first place being underage, much less getting behind the wheel in that condition. That being said, the father is still accountable for what he did which if how the article reads is accurate (which it very well may not be) is go home to retrieve the gun that he used to kill the drunk driver.

I really hope this guy gets a lawyer that can make a temporary insanity plea stick, however it doesn't look good as it appears that he went home for the gun giving him time to think his actions through. If he was carrying, getting that plea to hold water would be much easier.

Either way you look at it, the entire situation is a tragedy.
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