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Originally Posted by Kevinr20 View Post
He killed him out of rage. He didn't know if the guy had a heart attack or passed out from diabetes. It wasn't determined he was intoxicated until after he was dead. I can understand wanting to hurt someone who just killed your family but what if it truly was an accident due to a medical condition or something else.

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You can't tell when somebody is drunk? Most people can.

Originally Posted by Bushflyr View Post

IMO, driving after having some arbitrary number of drinks should not be illegal. As long as the operator is made to take full responsibility for any consequences of his actions.
The problem with that rule is, after having too many drinks, they are no longer making rational decisions and not allowing the police to stop them before they cause damage means somebody has to die to make the point. Every drunk driver believes nothing is going to happen to him, just as strong as a liberal believes he doesn't need a gun for self-defense. Requiring somebody to be injured or killed before we can get one off the road would make DUI homicides and injuries an even bigger problem than they are now (and they are already a much bigger problem than violent crime).
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