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Originally Posted by DaleGribble View Post
...He saw a drunk guy that killed his kids, he killed said drunk guy that killed his kids, it really is as simple as that.

In my world view, he didn't do a damn thing wrong.
At a very "caveman" like level, you're right.

If you think about this from the confines of your warm computer chair in a well temperature maintained environment, what you are saying is horrific.

Trials are about standards of reasonableness. It is entirely plausible to me, that a reasonable person - someone like Sputnik, Restless, HollowHead or you, would snap and behave in a similar manner if it was your children who were killed by a drunk driver.

If nothing remotely close has ever happened to you, its fine to argue anything else. Much like MOST death penalty opponents are suddenly VERY pro-death penalty when their daughter or son is raped, strangled and stabbed, left to bleed out in an alley.
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