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Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
You said that drunk drivers deserve roadside killings. What am I spinning exactly? Don't try to spin your justification of homicide into my young idealism. I'm an immigrant in this country. Any vision of idealism was beaten out of me a long time ago. I am paying to work harder in med school than most people work at their jobs because I know this world isn't going to do me any favors.

Let me think for a second...oh yeah, here it is:

Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
Wow, incredible. You already have me believing that you should not own a gun. And that takes talent. But I guess advocating murder will do it.

What I did say was :
Personally, I don't give two ****s about what "antis" think. It would have been the same to me if he'd gone home for a machete and chopped the guy up in 10000 tiny pieces by the roadside.

Drunk drivers really do deserve roadside execution...
I did not say "it is ok to kill drunk drivers by the roadside".

Maybe you should spend more time learning how to carefully parse and understand the English language.
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