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My method for reloading practice rounds for my Glocks (or any semi-auto pistol) is pretty much the same as with revolvers, that is to take the numbers from a your favorite off the shelf factory ammo and copy it;

Federal .45 ACP Ammunition
230g RN FMJ
Velocity - Box listed @ 830 fps / 797.8 fps my 6 shot average @ 75 degrees
OAL - 1.260"

Casing - Remington (used) stamp - RP (or whatever you have)
Case length - .898" (standard)
Primer - Winchester Large Pistol Primers
Bullet - 230g RN FMJ (Precision Delta)
Bullet length - .650"
Powder - Alliant Bullseye @ 5.0g
Burn rate - #13 (Hodgdon)
Powder range - 3.8g up to 5.3g (Lyman 49th edition)
Bullet seating OAL - 1.260"
Velocity - 783.6 fps my 6 shot average @ 75 degrees
Standard Deviation - 12.44688
Crimp - Light
Test Gun - Glock 21 w/4.60" Barrel (Gen 3)

This is one of my "go-to" loads for my Glock, very manageable recoil, re-acquiring your target is fast, no over/under burn, and out of my G21 in my hand these give me a very tight group out to 25 yards.

Sounds like you have been around reloading a long time but I'll say this just the same; whatever you decide on, ALWAYS start your testing at a low(er) range and work your way up. You know the drill.

Good luck and be safe out there
"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition"
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