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My method for reloading practice rounds for my Glocks (or any semi-auto pistol) is pretty much the same as with revolvers, that is to take the numbers from a your favorite off the shelf factory ammo and copy it;

Federal .45 ACP Ammunition
230g RN FMJ
Velocity - Box listed @ 830 fps / 797.8 fps my 6 shot average @ 75 degrees
OAL - 1.260"

Casing - Remington (used) stamp - RP (or whatever you have)
Case length - .898" (standard)
Primer - Winchester Large Pistol Primers
Bullet - 230g RN FMJ (Precision Delta)
Bullet length - .650"
Powder - Alliant Bullseye @ 5.0g
Burn rate - #13 (Hodgdon)
Powder range - 3.8g up to 5.3g (Lyman 49th edition)
Bullet seating OAL - 1.260"
Velocity - 783.6 fps my 6 shot average @ 75 degrees
Standard Deviation - 12.44688
Crimp - Light
Test Gun - Glock 21 w/4.60" Barrel (Gen 3)

This is one of my "go-to" loads for my Glock, very manageable recoil, re-acquiring your target is fast, no over/under burn, and out of my G21 in my hand these give me a very tight group out to 25 yards.

Sounds like you have been around reloading a long time but I'll say this just the same; whatever you decide on, ALWAYS start your testing at a low(er) range and work your way up. You know the drill.

Good luck and be safe out there

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