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Originally Posted by Any Cal. View Post
The extra power spring will reduce the time available for ammo to feed, as it increases slide speed on the return. The stock spring comes back fast, and goes forward slowly, allowing the ammo to rise in the mag. If you are 'overrunning' the ammo in the mag, it is because the extra power recoil spring. You can see the difference in slow mo quite easily.
AnyCal, if you have a link to a slow mo video of this phenomenon, please send it to me or post it. I'm very interested in seeing this.

Also, has anyone ever tried to keep the action closed on a Glock during firing by applying pressure to the back of the slide? I seem to remember someone mentioning this on GT, that you could keep the slide locked simply by pressing your thumb against the back of the slide. I'm calling BS on this, unless someone can say that they actually did it. I think your thumb would be broken or very sore if you tried it.
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