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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
You have me believing you are either stupid, or playing dense for the audience.

I BELIEVE that people who drink and drive, and injure/kill other people have automatically voided their right to exist among other people. If I were grand supreme ruler of the country I would pass a decree as such -

along with decrees on robbery (chop off a body part); rape (much of the same); child molestation (lights out), etc etc.

What I have said in this thread is what I believe, and what I have said is how I would vote if I were a juror on his jury.

I've not advocated that I would shoot someone roadside for offing my kid - but it should really be legal , and I've certainly am not advocating that folks take that course of action.

Now live up to your presentation of being in medical school, apply those critical thinking skills you should have, and learn how to discern from what I think, compared to what I do.

- G
First off, I'm not giving out medical advice here, I don't have to live up to my presentation for anybody on this board. I'm not here in the capacity of a physician.

Second, your belief that drunk drivers deserve roadside killing has me believing that your mind isn't exactly in the right place. Your gun is there to protect yourself and your loved ones, not to dish out justice as you see fit. I'm not saying that we should not have harsher punishments for the types of criminals that you've described, but it is not your call to make. And there is no way you can spin roadside killings into something that doesn't allude to a vigilante style execution.

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