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I have to admit. What some have posted here. If a anti gunner says to me "explain why they should be allowed to own, much less carry a firearm" I couldn't do it.
Folks that can't understand really need to consider carrying a firearm.. (or pocket knife, hammer, drive a car.....)

Do I HATE DUI folks? Dang tooting. The paramedics were NOT dispatched to my accident because EMTs said I would be long dead before they got to scene. I lost a promised job as LEO with small dept. Pain, discomfort for rest of my life, 2 months in hospital, many surguries, (more to come) Just under a GALLON of donated blood (when all said/done). etc.etc.... So I HATE impared drivers.
Fine them, take away lic, make them do comm service, ignition interlock,..... Murder. NO.
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