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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
After reading the article I got a sense of what happened. It is not like he stalked this guy to his house while he was out on bond and shot him in his front yard, or kicked in his door and drug him by his hair and shot him execution style.

His two boys got turned into road pizza before his eyes, and the guy sloshes out of the vehicle and does his best Urkel impersonation:

The Okie Corral

sweet baby jesus I cannot believe you have a badge.

Hell, I can't believe you have a driver's license.

Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
Given what we know from the brief article I'm not inclined to agree with the mob here. The man's truck broke down (possibly due to his negligence), so instead of calling a tow truck he has his son's push the truck along a county road late at night (almost midnight) in complete darkness (in a curve?) in an attempt to get it started. Someone comes down the road and collides with a disabled dark object. It could just as easily been your wife or child who hit the truck. An accident, but 'Mr. I can't get my truck started' decides to shoot victim #3 after he negligently put victims #1 & #2 at great risk, costing them their lives.

The intoxicated driver obviously has liability but I don't buy the concept that it's exclusive, or that it justifies murder.
as usual I agree with you Hummer.

the Dad was wrong to begin with and put his kids in an unsafe situation, the drunk was an idiot and ultimately to blame, but the situation as described is murder, on both their parts.
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