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Originally Posted by RonS View Post
Bad for everyone. I blame the shooter less than the drunk, if the drunk has stayed off the road the kids would be alive, the drunk would be alive and there would be no problem.

IMHO we need to wage war on judges who put drunks back on the road. Vote them out, hold them accountable, raise holy hell with them in the press.

I think this whole thing is a perfect example of why America is going to hell in a handbasket. The system does not work. The criminal justice industry does not provide justice, it just makes money for lawyers, judges, corrections facilities and bail bondsmen. We all know it doesn't work. How can you have a social contract with something as disfunctional as 21st century America?
Instead of waging war on the judges, why not just ban alcohol again?

Either way the fact is this man is a murderer and deserves to be punished. Temporarily insane might be his excuse and I probably could buy it, but nevertheless the man took the law into his own hands. If he can do that, what other things can people justify?
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