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Ive done a number of barrels and actions preping for slow rust and on a few occasion just for kicks I would mirror polish something (not done for slow rust) but I found the high polish is very easy to maintain on non stainless (10/22 barrel) just infrequent light oiling.
Depending on the finish you start with you'll finish with 2000 grit and cutting oil. Diamond compound and cotton balls in finest grits you can make it look like chrome. Never tried stainless.

It takes some hours. I always wear clean cotton gloves and and always put on a fresh pair. Hand oils will make things less than perfect.

Im thinking about striping my 34 and doing it and the KKM barrel.

Be careful and avoid using any power stuff you will without fail ruin sharp edges, crisp stampings and you will wash out screw and pin holes and it looks terrible regardless of how well the overall polish comes out you'll lose the beauty . It very easy to end up with a gun that reeks of amateurism trying to knock it out in a hurry. hand rub it all. support the emory cloth with wood sticks and dowels.

One of the challenges is making sure before you step up to the nest grade of emory is to BE SURE all surfaces are free of any telltale of the last grade. Look very close before you advance because it will show instantly and you will have to drop back a grade and re-do.

If your patient you will really fall in love with the process and its fun to do. Go for it!

Practice on an old gun. Old shotgun receivers are great to practice on and barrels that are pitted can be "struck" with a bastard file its like milling minute flats the length of the barrel drawing the file to you the length of the barrel rotating until you have removed all pits, You probably wont be doing anything like that. Point is you don't need power tools to make a gun look like its plated, just patients and it will turn out fine.

Its hard to ruin gun if you avoid power and it only takes a split second to trash one out with one slip. Lose the dremels.
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