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Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
So am I right to understand that this shooting was not in self-defense? While I feel for him and for his loss, his actions were absolutely inappropriate and unjustified under the law. Keep in mind that our legal system isn't based on whether the drunk driver deserved it, the decision to charge the shooter is based on whether the shooter broke the law. In this case, he is not going to walk. Having said that, I am glad I'm not going to be sitting on his jury.
**** the law. They drop the ball on DD convictions and sentences every day and are as directly as responsible for many of those deaths as the drunk behind the wheel. You know what? If my family was killed by someone doing something that the law ignores and weakly slaps people on the wrist for every day than I might be driven to do the same thing.

When "the law" lets a repeat DD offender behind the wheel again then don't be surprised when people start taking matters into their own hands.
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