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Though I do NOT carry with a Serpa, I do see where it could be a positive.

My 14 years of carry have all been with a Fobus Paddle, and I am experienced and well practiced in all aspects of carry and this holster. This holster too gets much "hate" so I understand all that is posted. PRACTICE is the key to safe and effective carry.

HOWEVER, I am wondering about a "retention holster" as I ride my 4 wheeler around our river property. I am not doing "tricks" on the bike, rather just riding for enjoyment and checking things out on our land-development property. Having a positive retention system "could" guarantee that my G23 does not come dislodged.

Currently, I do ride with the Fobus, and even choose to wear on the "off side" when wearing a zipped jacket or coverall camos. Easier to cross-draw on the bike from just a slight unzip of the jacket or covers.

Be safe everyone.
Be a productive member of society, but be prepared.

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