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well, I guess I will add my $.02 now. I placed my order with Glockstore in mid January and although I received a tracking number almost immediately it is still showing non existent at UPS tracking. I have called, emailed, and filled out the pop-up contact us form several times with absolutely no return contact at all.

While waiting for Glockstore to fill and ship or even just acknowledge my order, I have ordered from Dillon Precision, Underwood Ammo, Amazon, and CDNN and have received courteous prompt communication, helpful customer service, as well as getting all my items in an amazing amount of time. Underwood really shocked me by having my items to me after ordering on a Friday night after close of business on a holiday weekend, delivered to me by fedex early the following Wednesday morning.

Like others have stated, I'm patient, but pissed with how dang hard it is to get any response from Glockstore on my $300 order. Never again! Glockstore has shot themselves in the foot as far as future orders from me.
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