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Update - Range Report #2

I visited the range again today and learned a lot more.

After cleaning and polishing the feed ramp and chamber area, I returned to the range today. Results:

3/50 FTE - Ranier 124 gr reloads

0/50 FTE - Independence (never heard of, range ammo) 115 gr FMJ

0/50 FTE - Montana Gold 124 PHP reloads

0/10 FTE - Hornady CDs 115 gr

Additional data - My 124 gr Ranier and MG chrono'd real close (actually the MGs were slightly less). My Ranier chrono very close to the Hornady. My Ranier is longer than I load my MGs and the bullet shape is quite different. In each of the Ranier FTEs, the tip of the next round was behind the empty case.

Conclusion - the FTEs that I experience are related to MY reloads. There is either something with the OAL being longer and or the shape of the Ranier bullet. In either case, I don't see that as a gun issue.

One observation - the takedown pin was no longer flush when I was done. I called Beretta customer service and the guy said his Nano does the same thing. He said to check & ensure it's not oiled. I'll keep an eye on it, but I think it's fine.

Bottom line - I'm very confident in the gun. I'm also very happy with the purchase.

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