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I can not speak on ProMag as ive never owned any..but then again the reason ive never owned any is because I researched them first and never heard anything good about them so..thus I never bought any. For example for Ak74 magazines I could have gotten real expensive surplus at almost if not over $40 a magazine..and thats not happening I dont have that kind of $$ to spend NOR do I think it necessary for "non combat" applications..and there has been a distinct lack of heavy combat in the more rural north central PA setting in the past few I looked at the alternatives

ProMag or Tapco

I didnt hear anything good about Pro Mag....and the only bad thing I really heard about Tapco was....they work fine but I dont think they would be what id want in combat////ok im not in combat so that means for range work they would work fine to me....

so IMO no to Pro Mag

plus i guess i would caveat that by asking what you use it for..if your using it for CC or things you HAVE to COUNT on it for no id not do it..if your like a few extra mags for RANGE/FUN ONLY then..I guess if they are THAT much cheaper than the factory mag..ok but they would have to be something like 1/3 the price(which in my above ecxample the Tapco mags were $14 compared to $39+shipping for the surplus military grade stuff)

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