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PowerBond Bullets?

Hey guys,

I've been interested in reloading for a couple years, but havent had the money or time to invest in the hobby. i had been reading up on the different loads and some tips to reloading and my wife took notice, spoke to a friend of mine, and ordered me a dillon 550b for my birthday (couple weeks before it shows).

With the reloader on its way, i figured i might as well get a jump start on ordering materials so i can get to it as soon as i get the 550. With all of the mess with politics and the ban in the works everyone in my area (maryland) has wiped out all of the reloading supplies within a 50 mile radius.... so i've joined the internet search like everyone else. After finding nothing but 'out of stock' and 'not available' i stumbled across a forum where someone suggested powerbond bullets.

I read up some on them and from what i understand plated bullets, although arnt exactly jacketed, are capable of using my G19 without causing any severe damage to me or the weapon. So i ordered 500 to check them out and maybe do a couple light loads to see how i can get them to work.

So with all the above in mind, my real questions come to a couple things...

1) has anyone used this company before? and what do you think of them?

2) do you have any load data for using 9mm round nose 115gn bullets and probably HP38 powder (that opens another can of worms... but i think im gonna try it first)

Thanks guys
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