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Originally Posted by BlisteringSilence View Post
I think it depends on what you are trying to see.

As I understand it, those are NV. They are a spotlight when you can not use a spot light.

The great thing about Thermal is it shows things like someone lying in the bushes passed out. Where as the NV will just show you the bush. And a spot light will show you the bush.

The bad thing about thermal is if someone is sitting inside a car, all you see is the glass. You can not see them, but they can see you. BUT, if there are 20 cars in the parking lot you can tell which one has been running recently.

AN/PSQ-20 DSNVG combines NV and Thermal and leaves one eye to use without looking through the device. Use it at a car wreck to look for someone that was tossed out and unconscious. Add a NV laser to your gun and you have an advantage if you are trying to hunt someone down.
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