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Originally Posted by Peter M. Eick View Post
Well after going 7 years "glock-less" I bought back my old G20 as a beater gun around the house. As much as I used to complain about he plastic frame flex of the g20, it does have a place and I finally figured out how to use it.

eh-cuse me? "Frame flex"

Originally Posted by unsigned View Post
I guess I've never felt my G20's frame flex. Is that something that really bothered you?

Thank you...

Originally Posted by Peter M. Eick View Post
Yes the frame flex bothered me a bunch. It was bad enough that I sold it but now, a bunch of years later I decided I could live with it.
What the he|| are you talking about?
Unfortunately, with all the advances in medical science, there still just isnt any cure for "stupid".

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