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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I would bet you cant find data to support that statement.

Nurses and cops making over 125K is not normal in any geographic region. Very few do. That would make it hard to play the "easily" card. In both cases you would have to find people in the very top percentiles of income and then they would have to find each other. It happens but not "easily" (often)
I agree Rabbi. I live in the North East and I am personal friends with a local police Sgt. He makes ~115k. His wife, an ICU nurse with seniority makes about the same~110k. After overtime, they MAY be approaching 250k, but even that's a stretch. And we are talking the North Ease here, some of the best hospitals and highest paid cops. So it is not 'easily' done as previously stated.
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Have you ever cops when arent not they wont see?
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