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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
I will be checking the antique stores for a good one. I am wondering how to sharpen them.
I use a Norton 4/8k stone and a leather strop. I would also suggest having it professionally sharpened at least once so you know what "shaving sharp" is suppose to feel like. It's not hard at all to sharpen the vast majority of razors.

Lay the blade flat on the stone and with the spine trailing push forward toe to heal. Flip the blade and bring it back to you. Repeat. Go real slow using only the weight of the blade and finish with copious amounts of stropping on good leather.

I've got probably 100 shaves with the Boker and I've only honed it once. I strop before and after each shave however. I bought the Boker new and it was not shaving sharp so unless it states otherwise it will need to be sharpened.
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