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Originally Posted by w01 View Post

On the other hand, one of the Big Bear residents was quoted as saying over morning coffee "no problem - I see him, I shoot him. We take care of ourselves up here"

Prayers & best wishes for safety of all involved
I like the mentality, but a local resident with (likely) just a handgun vs. a trained ex-mil ex cop probably won't end well.

Originally Posted by w01 View Post
One other factoid - his burned out truck had a broken axle. Maybe that was a diversion, but I doubt he could have broken the axle on purpose - which means he would have had at least one major disruption of his plans. If that's how it went down, they might find him when the snow melts.
If the terrain is bad enough, wouldn't driving hard enough be able to do it? Seems if he really wanted to he could, especially if he knew it would be part of his plan on compromised the axle before hand. I don't know much about cars, and maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but it seems doable.

Originally Posted by w01 View Post
This is not where I originally saw it, but this report from CBS news also reports the broken axle and some other information that suggests that maybe his plans were disrupted & he had to take off on foot. If he wasn't prepared to be on foot in the (apparently worse than usual) cold & snow, he may be done sooner rather than later.

Originally Posted by Cav View Post
The contents of the burned truck could yield a lot of good info.

Unless he went to Ranger school or some other special training, most Military Officers are not well trained on the ground, they just have book smarts. Police training can be an aide, but not ever patrol officer knows about investigations.

He will need money and/or good friends to make it more than a month or two, unless he goes to Mexico and works for drug dealers...

While the situation is messed up, he will be more in survival mode than hunting mode. Thats a good thing.
Again, maybe I'm giving too much credit towards him, but this might just be another diversion, axle and all. Regarding not being prepared for the elements, with 5 years to plan, even self-training would be a major advantage.

Originally Posted by skorper View Post
I read that there were weapons found abandoned in the burned out vehicle along with cold weather camping gear.
This is the first I saw anything that made me think something didn't go as planned since he left weapons behind.

Originally Posted by Low_Speed View Post
I don't believe he's unstable. He's just a man pushed to his limits.
Let's not mistake unstable with insane. Insane would be if what he truly believed was wrong. I think he knows what he's doing is wrong but has even said it's a "necessary evil." Somebody pushed to their limits, at the most extreme, will generally kill whoever is directly involved, as may more people in the immediate area as they can, then confronted, kills themselves. This guy is driven on emotion and is unstable.
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