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Originally Posted by Low_Speed View Post
Why did he need to get fired? Was there anything else in his LAPD career that they looked at other than the accusation that he came forward with as a reason for his dismissal?

We may not like his views (2nd Amendment, entertainment, political among them) but I don't believe he's unstable. He's just a man pushed to his limits. What you went through probably isn't the same as what he's gone through. The limit of abuse that you can take is different from his.

Everyone's limits are different.

I've gone to a couple of 2nd amendment rallies in the since January where we feel that there are people who want to take away our rights and the government talks of confiscation. I read several flags made by people who may feel their back are against the wall that read "Come and Take Them". I thought about what these people would do if they did come knocking at their door. How far would they go to get back or keep what's theirs? Would people call them unstable for doing what they needed to do to get back what's theirs?
Your post here disturbs me.

You kind of sound like you're one of the people who sees this guy as a revolutionary. Like he's just fighting a corrupt system.

He lost that defense when he murdered the innocent child of the guy who defended him, and her fiancé. He's not fighting the system. He's murdering innocent people.

You might be able to make that argument if this was a case of injustice and he was only targeting the people who brought that injustice against him.

That's not even close to what's happening here. Your "come and take it" analogy in this case is nothing but tin foil hat wearing hyperbole.

The only evidence I've seen that there was any injustice, is his word. The question should be asking, is why you feel you the need to take the word of someone who has spilled the blood of innocents over the documented evidence (from multiple independent sources) that this guy didn't get a raw deal.

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