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Originally Posted by INEEDMILK View Post
You should post this on

Someone just posted a picture today of a broken mag loader with the title "You win this time, magazine."
Well, I'm not going to say it will ALWAYS be this easy to load a mag with the Glock loader; this mag was well-broken-in, and I only loaded 5 rounds into it. I've seen my share of recalcitrant mags (especially when they are brand new), and I'm sure this isn't the first time a loader has been broken during use.

However, I will note that the mag shown on Reddit was NOT a Glock factory mag, had a greatly extended capacity, and was being filled with .45 ACP ammo. The strength of a spring required to push an extended stack of chubby .45 ACP punkin' balls up and out of a long tube in a timely fashion so as to keep up with a quickly cycling slide may well have exceeded the design/build specifications of the Glock mag loader, so I wouldn't really call this a failure under "normal" use.

If you think the vid clip would be helpful to Reddit users, feel free to repost it with a "For non-commercial educational use only" disclaimer.

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