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GG shouldn't be in the same sentence with JMB. He took some prominent Austrian military brass' ideas, and made them into a great pistol. JMB is the greatest gun designer that has ever, or will ever live. There will never be another JMB because he was the right man, during the right time. Gaston did a great job with others' ideas, but JMB he will never even come close to. I do wish that Gaston in his life would have made many more types of Glock firearms. Like nearly every other manufacturer has done. He just made a great pistol. I wish he would have made at least more versatile pistols, carbines, and rifles to say the least. I think when he finally kicks the bucket if he doesn't live to be 120 like he claims he will, when someone else buys the company they will make a lot more types of guns under the Glock name. I wished Gaston would have especially put his mind more than anything on some type of Glock 5.56 military type carbine. A 1911 Glock would also be very sweet and along with a Glock carbine very lucrative, and perhaps a a carbine that is a game changer. I know he makes 250k a day, but just for himself, my goodness, how awesome would a 5.56 Glock carbine be. Us Glock lovers can only dream of that have ever happening, because that is as close as we will ever get!!

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