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Judging from some of the empathy Dorner is receiving in this and other forums, as well as outright support and hero worship he is receiving from other quarters, Dorner's best bet would be to declare victory and surrender. Then he can enjoy all the empathy and support that would surely flow out of coverage of his trial.

He might even walk.

Let's review:

Go back to Sunday, in Irvine. Two citizens shot to death in cold blood. One was the daughter of the man that defended Dorner in the trial board that led to his being fired for committing a crime---filing a false police report. The other was her fiancÚ.

Let me repeat that, since it seems to be lost amongst all this empathy: he shot down two defenseless people who never caused him any harm.

Even if his firing was unjust, there is no justification for that double murder. That's not justice...or even vengeance. It's just evil.

Some have questioned why he was fired, even if his complaint was false. For those outside of LE, being a proven liar is a career ender. It has to be disclosed to the defense in each case in which the officer appears as a witness. An officer who fabricated a complaint against another officer would never withstand cross examination when testifying in any other matter.

But again, only a depraved individual commits murder such as this. Even if unjustly fired, even if he lost everything to that injustice (to assume for the sake of argument), a person has to be very sick indeed to act this way. Sick in a way that has nothing to do with what LAPD did or did not do. It's who he is.

End of rant.
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