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Originally Posted by concretefuzzynuts View Post
That stank hole New Jersey seems like it's winning.
hands down there running away with it...
Originally Posted by 97XJ_Sport View Post
You think 80* is hot?
yeah i made that mistake once to go to houston to visit family over memorial day holiday-I'LL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!!
we walked out of the airport to get the rental car @ 10pm & i about ***** my pants when the auto door opened & we walked into the oven....
and that was the beginning of a 10 day trip
we were in vegas this past may & it was 105* everyday & that felt better than 2000% humidity & 90* @ 10pm in texas.
we really did have a great time while we were in texas, the 10 days there we flew into houston (family) & made a big square from corpus to san antonio to austin then dallas.
the funny part we were cruiseing down these 2 lane highways & when we were coming up on other vehicles in front of us, they would just merge over to the shoulder & slow down abit to let you pass them.
my wife could'nt get over that because everybody up here drives like total dip*****s, when we get snow all hell breaks loose...
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