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Originally Posted by DustyJacket View Post
Regardless of whether he was telling the truth or not, he NEEDED to be fired.

He obviously is not stable - I have gone through some (dung) in my life, and even have been so mad at a person my heart started running 100mph when he was near, but I NEVER was tempted to go shooting at anyone.

on a different note:
To add to this "domestic terrorist" thought, I wonder if he converted to a different religion-that-shall-not-be-named recently.....
You are very lucky to have not gone after anyone. With the stress levels of life today I am surprised that we don't have more people just start shooting.

My mom was sexually assaulted by a retired leo and believe me, I have wanted smoke him for a long time. But the law says U can't do it so it does not get done. I believe the story out in La is bigger than we all imagine but I have seen many departments that have really bad policy and it comes from the county/city and not always the actual officers.
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