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Originally Posted by klt1986 View Post
I lived in Lubbock from 1987-1991 and loved it there. As a country boy, I really enjoyed the "big city" of Lubbock with all there was to do and the women were awesome, IMO. I missed my hunting and fishing and the flat land was boring but I had a good time there.

For me, NYC and New Jersey are depressing places.
It seemed as if almost every time I spoke with some one when I was there went something like this:

"Can I have breakfast special # 2?" "Where you from, boy?"

"How do I get to...?" "Where you from, boy?"

"Thanks, have a nice day" "Where you from, boy?"

I can remember walking into a bar one afternoon after work, and I asked for a bottle of beer. I got to hear,"I smell yankee", "where you from, boy" and "why don't you do yourself a favor and get your yankee ass out of here".

Yes, the girls were hot, but the one I dated put up with so much crap for going out with a yankee from her friends and family she dropped me after a few weeks.

As I said before, I will never go back.
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