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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Seems to me that this holster design is a bad idea.
Very similar to the Glock pistol design. Folks who can't keep finger off trigger have issues. Police Officers are NOT (always) gun people. To some the gun is a PITA they have to carry, train with...
Lets look at first yrs of Glock. Hundreds of claims of "ADs" and "overfiring" Folks who didn't know WTF they were doing (for some reason) were NOT expecting the dang gun to fire EVERY time you pull trigger.
You look at training groups. They have to make rules to lowest trained person. (to be safe) Few training places allow shoulder rigs. I have talked to instructor on 2nd day. They have signed off on it. For safety they can't allow folks that are unsafe to use equipment that requires a HINT more caution.
BTW I am still looking for Left hand SERPA for G 19 and/or G26. Thanks. (and thanks for offer on the Sig holster. As I don't have any no thanks)
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