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Originally Posted by IQof1 View Post
does Puerto Rico count? filthy and full of people that dont care about anything as long as they look "good", are severly LAZY and have no manners or common goodwill. rotten fruit in the grocery stores, meat rotting on the shelves. weevils in your rice and cereal. these were constants of living in PR. that place sucks to high heaven. the best thing about PR was when i left that cess pool.

wyoming, just weird. my wife (Korean) and i drove thru there once. we stopped at a gas station around 11pm. there was a flannel shirt, old dirty baseball hat wearing cretin there. she went in to buy a coke. 5 minutes later she came out, that guy had multiplied into 5 cretins, all of them staring at her. freaked her out big time! i told it was because they had prolly never seen one of them "Godzirra People" in person....i got slapped.

new jersey, like dog crap, i cant wait to wipe this place off my shoe....
My wife is Thai and pronounces it this way.
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