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Originally Posted by Low_Speed View Post
....I don't believe he's unstable. He's just a man pushed to his limits.
Incorrect. He is a murderer and a bad person.

There is absolutely no excuse to run around commiting murder. To shoot at the children of someone you have a beef with, is not reasonable, nor the actions of a stable person.

I have seen cops lose everything and then get slandered by the media, and they did not go on a murder spree.

My personal challenges are not available for discussion, but they are nothing you could imagine, and I came out OK. Haven't hunted down anyone yet.

You are wasting your time being concerned about Dorner.

If being fired (even if it was not justified, and who really knows) pushes someone to their limit, and they go on a murder spree, then I would say that person was fired not a moment too soon.
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