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Should a Person Use the Exact Same Gun for EDC or Multiple Guns?

Yesterday I had the privilege of training with a member of the State Police who is also a former Marine weapons instructor. He stressed something that made perfect sense, but something I have not practiced to this point. He said that we should choose ONE gun and holster combination (excluding a BUG) and devote the majority of our defensive training to that combination. He told us to "train as you fight and fight as you train!"

Although I agree with his philosophy, I have not practiced it in the past. In an effort to carry EVERY day in a well concealed manner, I have 3 or 4 weapons I use for EDC with a variety of holsters. I usually choose my gun and holster combination based largely upon my daily activities and clothing requirements. Most days I have to wear "business casual" clothing, but sometimes I wear a suit.

I would love to hear your thoughts and your practices on this matter. Thanks.

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