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I went through great diffiulty to place an order - the website wouldn't accept dropdowns to place an accurate order. 800 number was constant busy or unanswered ring, not even a voice mail. For 3 weeks Emails went unanswered. On line message thingie messages went unanswered...and I was totally unable to locate a local number - a surprise. Fine folk on this forum shared the local number and I was able to get through to a secretary who transferred me but to a busy signal. I called back later, waited 16 minutes, with the meter runing for long distance day rates, for the transfer to be placed but finally was able to get my questions answered and I did place the order. I am now waiting patiently.
Thanks for a bit more inside information. Whatever the perfect storm is for all vendors others have found a way to answer their phones and respond to customers. Glockstore's decision not to do that is what has us concerned. We wouldn't be giving you this feedback and doing reality checks with each other if we weren't determined to place our orders. Seems most of us expect the same determination to deal with us as we've shown in dealing with you guys. Its one thing to expect our understanding, but we can't understand without communication. So appreciate this inside view...
When do you expect Glockstore will be answering phones, email, and website message thingies again?
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