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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
It is a novelty, it's on the shelves in the few places that sell it because few people own a 10mm. From a self defense perspective what does it really offer that the .40 or .45 doesn't? From a purely hunting perspective, there are much better options than the 10mm.

I understand some like it because it kind of blurs the line between the two, as something you can carry on the streets or in the field. Again nothing the .40 or .45 can't do.
.40 and .45 are fine cartridges. There's no dispute on that. 10mm IS more powerful than both though. .40 came to be because 10mm auto was too much to handle for the FBI. Some off the shelf 10mm is just above .40 specs, so part of what you've said holds water. .40 is nowhere near traditional 10mm loadings however. .45 hits hard, but lacks the penetrating velocity for some applications.
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