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Originally Posted by JR View Post
This is an interesting observation. One we have duplicated (to some degree) but our findings are: The failure is more dependent upon the mfg of the connector than the TH.

I know many of you use the Ghost Rocket connector for the trigger stop capabilities. If you experience a failure such as WDN has described you should be aware LWD incorporated a trigger stop adjustment screw into our TH. This stop screw is infinitely adjustable in or out. You can turn it off or on at will.

BTW: Arthur, the owner of Ghost will replace an over cut or miss installed GR connector for free.
I emailed Arthur and will wait for his response.

I will try this again but will use a oem trigger housing since it worked with both Rocket connectors I had. It is interesting that it was a combined issue with the Ghost Rocket and LWD SF housing. I understand that there is a lot of tolerances that can come into play. It may be a slight spec issue on my sample of your trigger housing. I will be ordering an OEM trigger housing from LoneWolf tonight. If you want to through a LWD trigger housing in with my shipment, I would be glad to try it with yours to see if it was isolated with mine. I would first pre-fit it to the OEM.

Does the screw in the Ultimate trigger housing ever move on it's own?

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