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Originally Posted by Haldor View Post
That is totally grip related. Hold onto the grip firmly and it won't dump brass on top of your head. I found this out when I was trying to make my G26 jam from limp wristing (I was concerned about weak hand shooting reliability). No jams, but I was really glad I was wearing a hat.
Its interesting, you didnt shoot his gun, never even held it in your hand, werent there when he shot it, yet you know for a fact its a grip issue? I guess all the gen4s with that problem are grip issue too?
Originally Posted by Cambo View Post
A jammed shell casing lodged in the barrel. This thing would put jammed, misshapen shell casings anywhere inside the chamber/receiver, etc. When the shell casing didn't pop out, I told him to put the gun down immediately.
How exactly does that equate to "almost blew up?" You cant "almost blow up." You do or you dont. Thats like saying you "almost have cancer."
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