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I've owned a lot of guns over the last 50 years, shot a lot of guns, and have broken a lot of gun. But, the worst beyond a doubt is the Kel Tec PF9. Bought it 5 years ago and it started taking a dive at about 350 rds. Here's the list, 2 cracked slides, 2 broken assembly pins, broken slide stop and broken slide stop spring, 5 replaced magazine springs - twice. Failures to fire, feed, and eject too frequently to count. I am now on my third replacement gun. I have asked for my money back three times now and the company just keeps sending me guns. I don't know who has spent more on this, Kel Tec or me? BTW, if you shoot a lot, keep a list of the things that break. I started 30 years ago. It gets interesting over the years.
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