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Originally Posted by Sharkey View Post
That is good. If I had a dollar for everyone I know who started P90X but didn't finish, I'd have a trip to Vegas saved up.
Yeah, I've heard that too, hence my buddy giving it to me with a "keep it as long as you want". Actually my bronchitis is about cleared up so I'm going to start it tomorrow night. I've got two teenage boys that have been pushing me so that will help. One does a lot of Parkour so he's in really good shape. I found that to be a great workout too without the boredom of a regular run on the street, but a lot of injury risk for an old man.

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The other night there was a loud argument in the hall outside my apartment while I was trying to sleep. I went out and told them they better leave or I was gonna use some Kung-Fu... THAT scared them off...

Plus I was totally nekkid and holding a gun.
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