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Originally Posted by Nib-XG26 View Post
I bought a Stevens model 320 shotgun and its a POS, I shot 30 rounds through it it jammed about 25. It jammed on the eject cycle and inject cycle. Stevens/Savage will be getting it back. But it got me thinking how often does a lemon get bought? I have owned close to 100 guns in my life and been very fortunate this is my first real lemon (besides a .22lr on occasion).

So anyone have any stories? I would love to hear them!
I have the Stevens/Savage Model 320 with the combination pistol gip full stock set-up. So far it has been a decent firearm for the money expended. The only complaint I have would be it came with the brass bead at the tip for the sight, the ghost ring sight models were out of stock. I worked around that by using glow nail polish and white out on the top of the stock (the whole stirp where the plastic has ridges) then treated the brass bead. A quick hit with the flashlight and it looks like something from Battle Star Galactica.
I use this weapon for home-defense only. Have put regular 00 buck, slugs and also run magnum rounds, no issue (over 400 rounds).
Sorry to read your Model 320 was a lemon my friend.
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