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Originally Posted by vafish View Post
Greater recoil in a gun, greater chance of inducing a flinch.

.40 has more recoil than 9mm, so yes it does have a greater ability to induce flinching. It varies greatly with the shooter and their experience. A lot of inexperienced shooters will develop a flinch from the 9mm.
This is good analysis.

I have both a Glock 22 and an STI 2011 with full length slide and frame. The Glock weighs 24 oz. empty, the STI 42 oz. Big difference in felt recoil with 180+PF loads.

Having said that you are right that shooting the G22 more would help you get over flinch. Alternatively, you have to somehow convince yourself the recoil in the G22 is no big deal.
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