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Originally Posted by SpectreRider View Post
On your calandar, at an interval that makes sense to you, schedule time to put all else aside and self-evaluate how you are doing. Not to nitpick small mistakes, we all do that as a matter of course in our lives, rather make time to contemplate the big picture.
Self assessments are a good idea. Along with this, don't be afraid to ask other supervisors for feedback, guidance or advice.There are a ton of books on leadership out there and it wouldn't be a bad idea (if you have the time) to look at a few. One is "Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization, Proactive Leadership Strategies" by Jack Enter. I've actually finished this one and it's not a bad read (only about $20). I had the privilege to attend two of his Leadership Seminars and once you meet Jack (a retired copper from the Atlanta Metro area), you'll never forget him....
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