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Originally Posted by jmill88 View Post
Have you shot it yet? What is the ejection like?
I ran a total of 15 rounds through it(one mag). It's now up for sale in the classifieds. I have four 9MM compact handguns and ammo is non-existant here. You can find .40SW pretty easy though so I am selling the G19 to fund a .40SW or .45ACP so I can have something to shoot My 9MM guns are not much more than paper-weights right now. When this crisis is over I vow to never get caught with my pants down on ammo supply again. Looking into reloading as an option. Several neighbors are long-time reloaders so they could teach/coach me . I can't help you on how well the ejection is. 15 rounds in a new gun ain't enough to say.
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