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Originally Posted by Dennis in MA View Post
Bullbutter! See below. Completely patently false.

As I said yesterday in a different thread, we all have affordable toys that NO ONE had in the 60's and 70's. How many TV's does the average house have? How many vacations that AREN'T camping at $3/night? Home in the 'burbs with 1.2acres of land and 2,000 sf of living area? Latest/greatest toys and activities for Jr? All this cost money. We didn't trade lower anything for that. We traded an at-home mom for livin large, yo.

Couple that with the skyrocketing divorce rate and the need for 1.5 households per "baby-makers" and you HAVE to have them work. Staying married is cheaper than getting divorced.

The bottom line is this: The original post is an anecdotal story, not statistical fact. Statistical fact is debt is FALLING in this country as people get MORE responsible. Just look it up. Of course, it trumps the "this country going to hell handbasket yada yada" so you have to find something else to grouse about.
Do you know the divorce rate? Any stats to show that it is much higher than in the 60-70s.

I remember it being around pretty low. According to this website it is 3.5 per 1,000 people.

Wikipedia has different stats.

But either way I don't believe it is skyrocketing.
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