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Hello all, My Name is Brady, I'm a firearms instructor with Glockstore. A gentleman came into our store the other day and mentioned that there was a lot of turmoil within the glocktalk community. I see a lot of your concerns and speculations about your orders and the direction Glockstore may or may not be taking or even that we decided just stop taking your calls. Here is the inside scoop, Things are down right crazy gents, I would hope some of you would understand that. Since Sandy Hook we were slammed with the perfect storm of orders from election, shootings, and holidays. Like all of you, people want their stuff before they pass some BS law that strips us of our rights. We are doing what we can. No one is purposely not answering your emails or not answering your calls, I can tell you we have a limited staff that are working round the clock to chip away at the 30,000 orders we received in 5 weeks. For those of you who understand we appreciate your patience, I appreciate your patience! if some of you would like, please feel free to PM me with whatever questions or concerns you have. I understand some of you are frustrated, so if you PM me keep it civil. Ill help and answer all questions to the best of my ability, that I can promise!
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