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Has anyone tried to install a ghost rocket in their frame? I have one in the full size proto with no problems and have installed several in other glocks.

Last night I attempted to install in the compact proto. I used the same procedure as the others. I kept taking off from the tct and the trigger just would not break. I removed the slide and pulled the trigger all the way to the rear and saw that I removed too much of the tct to be used as a stop. But the trigger still would not break. The connector was not bent too far inwards. My .003 gauge went in just fine.

I pulled my trigger housing from my Full size proto frame(OEM) with its ghost rocket and dropped it into the compact and it worked fine. I then installed the rocket I was having trouble with into the OEM trigger housing. I installed it into the compact frame and it worked fine minus the trigger stop since it was way too short now.

I'll try to keep my conclusion simple:

OEM SF trigger housing with Ghost rocket 3.5= trigger break in both full and compact proto frames.
LWD SF trigger housing with Ghost rocket 3.5= no trigger break in compact and full proto frames.
OEM and LWD SF trigger housing with Scherer 3.5= trigger break in both proto frames.

Ghost rocket in my LWD SF housing sample is a no-go. I also tried different trigger bars and two different g19 slides. I cant see what the difference is. It just wont work for me.
If I want a Ghost rocket in this compact frame I'll have to replace the trigger housing with a OEM. Only thing is, my Ghost Rocket is now junk.

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