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Originally Posted by AustinTx View Post
You can't put 20# in a 5# sack. The 45 GAP was designed, from the ground up, to be a 45 caliber, in a smaller frame. It won't fit in anything smaller.

The same reason you can't put a thin slide, on a 21. Doe anyone read any of this stuff about wanting a .45 in a .25 size gun?
It just does not make sense that the Glock 30 can be made with the "thin" slide, but the Glock 21 cannot. I see nothing about that request breaking the laws of physics.

All irrelevent anyway. Glock has more orders than it can fill running at full capacity for a very ,very, long time. I would expect no new models in the near future, even the 30S was just a cobble together of existing parts.
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